Can one day cancel out another?

Be jealous of my awesome sweat lines!

So let’s talk about Wednesday:
– Speed workout at the track, 40 minutes
– Intervals on the bike, 35 minutes
-15 minutes of hard weight lifting
-Treadmill running, 20 minutes
-New shorts from Target rocked!
-Had an awesome 20 minute foam rolling session
-Finally made a avocado and spinach grilled cheese, delicious!

*Side note about my track workout: I haven’t done one of these in almost a month and was ecstatic that I not only kept up my speed, but actually improved my pace, despite the time off.

Now let’s talk about Thursday:
– Stayed in bed until 9am and only got up because I was hungry
-Ate my favorite breakfast of banana walnut oatmeal

– Had a food combo fail with some greek yogurt, pumpkin, and chocolate chips
  (had to trash it, and I don’t throw away food!)
– Stalked blogs, twitter, and facebook for a few hours
– Ate way too much pizookie 
– Watched 8 episodes of Buffy
– Accomplished all this while staying in bed all day (lazy day win!!)

Now tell me about your day! 

If you don’t get out of bed can you still accomplish something?

Any Buffy fans out there? 

What are some shows you can watch over and over again?


I love hearing from people! Please feel free to comment

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