Massage and Cracker Barrel…yes please!

I decided to treat myself after the half marathon and get a deep tissue massage. I think I might have to do that after every race from now on. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep and I really think it helped with some of the soreness, especially in my feet and back. I wish I could afford to have one of those done every week! 

My Mom went on a cruise over the weekend and was arriving home on Monday night. My Dad was going to pick her up from the bus that night and she called and suggested we eat at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Continuing the trend of my Monday splurge, I quickly said yes because A.) Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite restaurants and I haven’t eaten there in forever and B.) I ran a half marathon on Sunday and figured I needed to stuff myself silly. 

My Mom’s bus ended up being a lot later than expected and we didn’t eat until 9pm, so I was starving! I had chicken and dumplings, fried okra, green beans, biscuits, and a sweet tea (because you can’t eat southern food without sweet tea). I completely cleaned my plate and scarfed down 3 biscuits. Oh so good! I also saw this in the store and had to take a picture, I only wish it was an actual piece of candy corn and not just decorated to look like one. 


Tuesday morning I got up and Daisy and me headed back home. Can I just say that was the longest 5 hour drive of my life. I love going places and visiting friends and family but I get so bored on long drives, especially by myself. At least I had my Pandora 90s station to keep me company. 


Now I am unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking to head out once again and see the hubs. I’m excited because its been over a month since I saw him. I think that is the longest we have ever been apart since we met. 


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