Triple Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday has been an amazing day, and as I type this it is only halfway over. 

Reason #1: Today and for the rest of the week I get to wake up with my husband and this beautiful view

Reason #2: I had a amazing workout at the gym this morning which included 25 minutes of interval training on the treadmill (I wanted to quit so bad, but I made it through!!), 35 minutes on the cross trainer, 35 minutes on the stationary bike, and some strength training (including using this amazing beauty that I have missed at our gym the last few years). I loved getting my sweat on this morning!!

Assisted Triceps dip and chin ups done!

Reason #3: I got to meet Chris for lunch and we tried out this amazing place with the most delicious fries. 

I had the B.L.T. fries

Chris had a build your own and he topped them with taco meat and cheddar cheese sauce

These were both the small size but it was plenty filling. I got a water to drink and Chris got a Diet Coke and our entire meal was less than $12. You can’t beat that! The service was fast and very friendly, they took the time to share info about the menu and what the most popular options were. I was very pleased with my restaurant decision!

I hope the rest of the day continues to bring amazing things. Okay I will stop saying amazing now..AMAZING!! Someone please tell me you saw this episode of Bones. I can’t ever say amazing anymore without hearing David Alan Grier in my head.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Suzanne
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 11:11:09

    And the fries look delicious too! Can you tell I’m hungry while I’m reading your posts?


    • cczerwonka
      Nov 09, 2012 @ 13:59:53

      Ha ha, I get the same way looking at other people’s food posts. But the fries were delicious, I want to go back and try the Philly cheese steak ones.


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