Birthdays, Apologies, Grossness, and Running

First I want to send a big shout out Happy Birthday to my Daddy! I know I have already told him about 5 times today but you can never hear it enough right? I was also told that this deathly sickness that has settled into my sinuses was my Dad’s doing and not my Mom’s. I didn’t even know my Dad was sick but apparently he got it first and then passed it on to my Mom. So, Mom, I’m sorry I blamed you 🙂

The funk has gravitated from my throat to my sinus cavities and is seeping out my nose (I know, TMI!) You know that awkward moment when you are vacuuming and your nose hocks a snot loogie? Yeah, that happened.

So let’s get away from the nasty stuff and move on to running, packing, and eating. Though food is not tasting the greatest right now, I am forcing myself to eat lots of eggs because they need to be used and I hate throwing away food. For lunch today, I had eggs scrambled with green pepper, tomato and mozzarella. I choked them down with some toast and grits, I think it would have been tasty in any other circumstance.

I’ve been spending the day cleaning and packing so I can see the hubster this weekend. Clearly Daisy is a big help when it come to packing.

I am still on my run streak, despite the breathing setback. I logged 2 miles yesterday and the longest, most painful mile today, but it is done. Oh well at least I got to see the pretty colors of fall.

So yeah, this box of tissues was full yesterday. In case anyone wants to send me an early Christmas present, I will probably finish this box by tonight 😉

Or juice, cause people need juice!



Giving up the fight, but keeping the streak alive.

Since I ran my second half marathon in October, I have been trying to continue with my training. I had hopes of running my third half in December, my fourth half in January, and my first full marathon in February. Unfortunately my body had other ideas and I have finally given up the fight. Lately, most of my runs have not been the greatest and I have been fighting my way through them. I’ve been unable to go any further than 15 miles without some kind of injury sidelining me. For the last few weeks, every run I have done over 3 miles has resulted in pain and always in a different spot so it doesn’t seem to be a recurring injury. I just think my body is telling me I need a break and I need to scale back my weekly mileage. 

I will conquer you one day marathon!

On a more positive note, I can still run and I am keeping the streak alive. I have managed to run at least one mile for the last 7 days and I do not intend on giving up on that challenge. Here is how the miles have added up so far:

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: 1 mile

Thursday: 10k fun run

Friday: 1 mile

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 12 miles

Today: 1.5 miles

I left my cousin’s house on Saturday morning to head home and after it warmed up, I went out for my run. I was planning on a long run on Sunday morning so I didn’t want to go too far or hard but I was feeling good so I ran out 1.5 miles and ran the whole way back feeling pretty strong with a pace of 8:51. It was a great run and gave me hope for the long run I had planned for Sunday. So that night I carbo loaded with some delicious pancakes with peanut butter on top.

I got up Sunday morning and knew that I wanted to get the run done first thing because I run better in the mornings. But it was 25 degrees out! So I bundled up in my running capris, compression socks, thermal top, my new pullover from Walmart, gloves, and a headband to keep my ears warm. At mile 3 there was still frost on the ground:

My hands got hot around mile 2, so the gloves came off, but I needed everything else to keep me warm for the rest of the run. Here I am happy for a walk/fuel break at mile 3:

At mile 6 I started feeling some pain in my achilles/calf muscle so I turned around and had another walk/fuel break.

Please excuse the luggage under my eyes, that’s what my allergies do to me.

It is so peaceful and beautiful running out here:

It was a struggle with the pain in my calf continuing to irritate me but I made in back home, 12 miles in 2 hours 1 min. I was pretty sore the rest of the day so I did my best to continually stretch and foam roll. When I woke up this morning I still had some residual pain in my calf so I rested most of the morning before heading to the gym around 10:45.

I decided to take it easy to try to work out the soreness in my legs, 35 slow minutes on the bike and 35 minutes at level 2 on the stair climber. Then I needed to get in my run for the day and it was raining outside, so I reluctantly hopped on the treadmill and did 1.5 miles at an average pace of 10:30. It was boring! But I got it done and the streak continues!

The long run that wasn’t

So that 17 miles I was supposed to run yesterday…yeah that didn’t happen. But it wasn’t for lack of trying, I got my butt out there with every intention of putting in my miles and I was even looking forward to it. For some reason the running gods were not smiling on me yesterday.

I waited until noon to leave for my run because I am a cold weather wimp and couldn’t handle the thought of running in 50 degree weather. Turns out I either overdressed or started too late because it was hot, I really need to suck it up and get out there earlier next time. 

During my first mile there was a strange pop in my left foot and then some stinging pain in the arch. I kept running to see if it was just a twinge that would go away and it did after about a mile. Then around mile 3 my right hip started to ache but I kept pushing to see if it would go away.

mile 3, at least the view was nice

I reached mile 5 and stopped to walk for a half a mile while I fueled and regrouped. I was starting to get some pain in my left IT band and was hoping it wouldn’t keep getting worse. I started running again and only made it to mile 6 before my IT band started hurting so bad I couldn’t run on it. At this point, I was in the middle of the loop where I could either keep going or turn around and it would be 5 miles back either way. Thankfully my hip and IT band didn’t hurt when I was walking, but for some reason my foot pain from earlier resurfaced.

In the middle of nowhere

I pulled out my phone and opened Pandora to get me through this incredibly long walk (or sometimes running for as long I could before the pain started again). Running 5 miles does not phase me, but walking 5 miles is a entirely different story. My body is not used to walking long distances and those 5 miles took their toll. I finally managed to hobble my way home with a total of 11.35 miles done in 2 hours 40 minutes.

This was a nice end to my rough run

I immediately filled some baggies with ice, collapsed on the floor, and iced everything that was hurting. At least my compression socks seemed to save my calf muscles from any soreness.

I stretched, foam rolled, and showered. As long as I didn’t sit for any extended period of time I felt okay. This morning my hip is a bit sore and I feel a twinge in my foot, so I have no immediate plans for a run because I obviously need to let my body rest. It seemed like every injury I have ever suffered as a runner tried to resurface yesterday and I’m not sure why.

I did learn that I can run comfortably with my Camelbak, which will make future long runs easier. I really hope this doesn’t change my training plans, but I know I need to listen to my body and stop trying to push myself just because the calendar says I need to run a certain distance.

Do you find walking long distances to be harder than running them?

One of "those" days

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t pull yourself out of the funk hole? Friday started out fairly good, I was able to run 4 miles at a decent pace, which made me feel better about the half marathon this week. I wasn’t very productive the rest of the day, but still felt like I accomplished something. 

my sweat marks looks like one of those ink blot test

Then Saturday came, and as always, I take rest days way to literal and managed to stay in bed all day. It was a tough day for me, no particular reason except no endorphins to help make me happy and the fact that I haven’t seen my husband in what feels like forever. I was feeling kind of down all day and then during one of the many conversations with Chris it hit me how much I miss him. It was something stupid, he was at the grocery store talking about buying candy, I said I wanted some and then BAM! I realized how much I miss him being around, going to the store together, and having someone to do things with. I know I don’t have it as bad as some people, I still get to see him about once a month, but it is those little everyday things I miss the most. 
-being able to wake up and see his sweet sleepy face
-watching our favorite shows together
-being able to kiss goodnight
-going to the store to look around because there is nothing better to do

Fun memories from Downtown Disney.

So I spent the rest of the day wallowing in my sorrow, and luckily enough it was a carb loading day for a Sunday run, so I was able to eat my feelings. I made a sad face with my yummy spinach and cheese omelet, toast, and grits.

I got up Sunday morning and prepared for my 10 miler. It definitely helped to improve my mood, but not my confidence for a PR in the half. It was a long, slow 10 miles and it felt really hard, not to mention my foot is really sore now. I’m just hoping this bad run means I will have an awesome run come next Sunday. I decided to run a road that I had a bad experience on last year and have avoided ever since. Running the entire road would be about 10 miles but if anything happened I would be out in the middle of nowhere on my own. Thankfully, I made it without too many problems and the lovely people from the fitness center had ice cold water in the coolers along the way. 

Today has been spent cleaning the house. Now I have some packing to do so I can head back to my parent’s house tomorrow. Then it’s time to prepare for the AthHalf on Sunday! Daisy will be so happy to go back to this:

He just wants to play, she just wants to be left alone.

Do you have to spend long periods of time away from your significant other?

If so, what are some ways that you deal with the time apart?

Anyone else have a so-so run this weekend? 

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