Birthdays, Apologies, Grossness, and Running

First I want to send a big shout out Happy Birthday to my Daddy! I know I have already told him about 5 times today but you can never hear it enough right? I was also told that this deathly sickness that has settled into my sinuses was my Dad’s doing and not my Mom’s. I didn’t even know my Dad was sick but apparently he got it first and then passed it on to my Mom. So, Mom, I’m sorry I blamed you 🙂

The funk has gravitated from my throat to my sinus cavities and is seeping out my nose (I know, TMI!) You know that awkward moment when you are vacuuming and your nose hocks a snot loogie? Yeah, that happened.

So let’s get away from the nasty stuff and move on to running, packing, and eating. Though food is not tasting the greatest right now, I am forcing myself to eat lots of eggs because they need to be used and I hate throwing away food. For lunch today, I had eggs scrambled with green pepper, tomato and mozzarella. I choked them down with some toast and grits, I think it would have been tasty in any other circumstance.

I’ve been spending the day cleaning and packing so I can see the hubster this weekend. Clearly Daisy is a big help when it come to packing.

I am still on my run streak, despite the breathing setback. I logged 2 miles yesterday and the longest, most painful mile today, but it is done. Oh well at least I got to see the pretty colors of fall.

So yeah, this box of tissues was full yesterday. In case anyone wants to send me an early Christmas present, I will probably finish this box by tonight 😉

Or juice, cause people need juice!



Eat, sleep, run, shop and repeat

I have fallen behind on my blog once again, but it was worth it to spend lots of time with Chris before I had to leave today to head back home and see my baby girl.

happy to have me home

After our exhausting day at the Spartan Race, we decided to get gussied up and go out for dinner. (Gussied up for us means changing out of our pajamas or running clothes)

Chris saw a commercial for the Jack Daniels burger at TGI Fridays, which made him want one, so we decided to eat there. I typically get a sandwich and I did not venture far from my comfort zone. The California Club sounded really good because it had my new favorite, avocado. I ordered it without ham and mayo because you don’t need both mayo and avocado, it defeats the purpose.

The sandwich was good, and the bacon was crispy, but I was a little grossed out by the following. I’m not one to usually say anything at restaurants so I just picked off the gross part and polished off half of the sandwich and all of the fries.

The avocado and lettuce from my sandwich

We stopped by Academy Sports and I decided to get the Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld water bottle. I used it on my long run the next day. I plan on doing a complete review of the Nathan water bottle once I’ve had the chance to use it a few more times, but for now I will say that it took some getting used to.

I started my 10 mile run about 6:30 and the sun was already up, so it was starting to get warm. After the previous day, I was tired, sore, and had not mentally prepared myself for this run. I was fighting against the wind and the sun shining in my eyes for the first 5 miles.  It was a tough run and I even considered quitting during the first few miles but I just kept telling myself if I make it ___ far then I can stop and walk for a bit. This was a big step for me because I really hate to walk during my runs. It makes me feel like I didn’t really run the full distance because of the walk breaks. I walked .25 miles each at miles 3, 5, and 7 and I am convinced it is the only reason that I made it the full 10 miles, finishing in about 1 hour 44 minutes.

After I got back Chris wanted to go to Walmart to get some groceries so I dried off the pools of sweat from my run and changed clothes. It’s perfectly acceptable to go to Walmart without a shower right?

I spent the rest of Sunday lounging on the couch while Chris worked on his homework. After he finished we went to the mall and I spent the entire time checking out my new favorite section in Barnes and Noble (running books, what else). Any suggestions on what my next purchase should be? I flipped through this one during most of my visit:

Chris had Monday off and it was going to be my last day there, so we decided to make a day out of it. We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast buffet at the Beau Rivage. Monday is 2 for 1 for military so we got to eat lots of deliciousness for only $12. Here is my first plate of yumminess.

eggs, grits, fried potatoes, biscuit and gravy, pecan pancakes, cherry pastry and a corn muffin

My second plate of yumminess.

mixed fruit, cake doughnut, blueberry muffin, corned beef hash, bacon, banana bread, and some more fried potatoes

I didn’t end up eating all of it because some of it wasn’t that good and I didn’t want to waste the precious space in my stomach. By the time I was done, I was hating food. For the next few hours just the picture of food made me want to throw up and I was full for 9 hours afterward. I would call that a job well done at the buffet.

After our feast we went to Target and then to the Gulfport Premium Outlets and I spent lots of money getting a jump on my Christmas shopping. I am proud to announce I am almost done! I also picked up these fun things for me.

The Reebok store was having a 40% of everything sale so I got the compression socks for about $9. I’ve been wanting to try compression socks for a while but couldn’t stomach the price tag on most of them. I will let you know how these work out for me.

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