New ab workout

I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been busy/sleeping/coughing my head off. I will just try to do a quick overview of my whirlwind weekend.

Friday morning I got up early to head down to the coast for a visit with Chris, we met for lunch at Newk’s and I tried something new: Tomato basil soup, so delicious!

After lunch I drove to the condo and rested for a bit. Chris was meeting his running group to run the bridge that afternoon and I was trying to decide if I felt well enough to run too. I really didn’t feel like driving the 10 miles down the road to meet them so I decided to run 6 miles and meet Chris at work to ride with him to the bridge. Makes a lot of sense right? Anyway, when it was all said and done I ran/walked 9.3 miles.


After a grocery trip to Walmart and a long hot bath, we watched the new Men in Black movie and then headed to bed.

Neither of us felt up to running a race the next morning so instead we did some marathon shopping or rather nonshopping. We were out for about 5 hours going to different stores and spent a total of $75. That included lunch at Chick-fil-a, I decided to try something different and got the chicken salad sandwich. I like the chicken salad, but didn’t enjoy the bread, it had a sweet taste to it that I don’t typically enjoy in my sandwiches.

I spent the rest of the day/night watching the SEC Championship, my Dawgs gave it a good shot and had me biting my nails down to the very last second.

Needless to say after our long day of shopping, the emotional roller coaster of a game, and coughing my head off nonstop all day, I had no energy left for a run. And that is where my streak ended 😦


I spent most of the day Sunday coughing uncontrollably and napping on the couch. I guess this sickness finally caught up to me and I was exhausted. I got just enough rest to give me some short lived energy for dinner with Chris and his co-workers at Leo’s Wood Fired Pizza. Chris and I ate here before about a year ago and finally made it back to eat again. I decided to stick with what I had last time and got the Marlyn Monroe. It has chicken, tomatoes, bacon, and ranch, so so good! I only ate half at the restaurant so I didn’t look like a piggy, but I swear I could have polished off the whole thing.


I woke up this morning still kind of tired, so I have been sitting around all day trying to rest. I did find the one positive to coughing myself into fits of panic for the last two days….sore abs. Yes, apparently all you have to do to get in a great ab workout is to get sick and cough for 2 days straight.



Run, Refuel, Repeat

After the race yesterday I was on such a runner’s high, almost like nothing I had felt before. I was drunk on the endorphins and loving every minute of it. I had just run 4.97 miles and it was time to stuff my face! 

First recovery fuel was of course a banana, my favorite post race treat. Then I ate some “freebie” cookies that don’t count in the grand scheme of the food day :-). Following this sugar high was a powerade zero and the other half of my chocolate mint clif bar from the morning, which might as well have been another cookie ha ha. 

Chris suggested that we get some tatonuts on the way home (these are donuts made from potatoes and oh so yummy) and I was all for it, the more sugar, the better, bring it on! Chris changed his mind and my blood sugar quietly thanked him. Of course once we got back it was candy corn snacking time (I will fill you in on my candy corn obsession in a later post)

After we both got showers, we headed out to restock our running fuel for future races and training sessions. By the time we got to Newk’s (a wonderfully delicious sandwich shop) we were famished! I got a side salad and half a chicken salad sandwich. There was a total of 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, and 10 croutons. Now I am a bread loving girl, but the point of the salad was because I wanted some veggies, come on Newk’s, don’t be so stingy! I got ranch dressing and though I never thought I would see the day, there was too much ranch!! What!?! how is that possible?? 

My chicken salad sandwich, however, did not disappoint and my tummy did a little happy dance. I couldn’t finish the whole thing so I got to take half of that beauty home for dinner and enjoy the tummy happy dance all over again. 

After dinner it was time to feed my sugar addiction and fuel up for my long 13.5 mile run today. Needless to say I fell into a sugar coma and my internal organs became crystallized. See below for just a taste of what I ate for my dessert/4th meal.


 A candy corn cornacoppia and coma inducing yumminess.

Has anyone tried these delicious concoctions? I’ve heard many people say they are nasty but hello! It’s a cookie, how could it ever be gross?

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