We’re going streaking!

Last night I really wanted a peanut butter sandwich made from my new giant jar of Jif natural crunchy. I spent about 5 minutes with my head stuck in the freezer trying to decide what vegetable to eat with my sandwich. Nothing I had seemed to go very well with peanut butter. I finally decided on okra. I knew I didn’t want it boiled because it would be to slimy and I didn’t want it fried because that’s not healthy (though oh so good!).

I looked in the cabinet and found a box of panko breading and decided to have baked okra. First I put the frozen okra in a bowl and ran water over it to defrost and wet it so it would stick to the breading. I added a half serving of the panko breading (only added 55 calories to the dish) along with some seasoning and pepper.

I shook that around in the bowl and then put it in a pie tin that I sprayed with Pam. Popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and then broiled it for another 3 minutes.

While it was broiling I made my peanut butter sandwich and I was so eager to eat that tasty goodness I forgot to get a picture of the best part of the jar. When you crack open one of these bad boys there are tons of peanut chunks at the very top, Chris and me often fight over who gets this part.

And the finished product, not really a cohesive meal, but it hit my cravings, so I was happy.

I told Daisy I was going to leave her for a couple of days so I guess she got sad and decided to cuddle with me last night. It is so hard to go to sleep with a 12.5 pound cat laying in your stomach but I allowed it because she doesn’t cuddle with me very often. Apparently sleeping on me didn’t give her enough shut eye.

This morning I spent some quality time with the bike, stair climber, and treadmill. Then after I got home I went for a 1 mile run outside.

Why only 1 mile?

Reason #1 I have decided to do the Runner’s World holiday streak challenge where you run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I started a couple of days early to get mentally prepared, so I did an easy 2 miles yesterday and a faster (8:20) mile today.

Reason #2 I’m planning on running in a 10k fun run tomorrow morning so I can burn calories that I will eat back later in desserts.

Here is the link to the streak challenge if you are interested in participating.

Runner’s World Holiday Streak

After my run tomorrow, I will be headed to the boonies to spend the weekend with my parents and cousins. I most likely will not have internet, so if you don’t hear from me that is probably why, that or I have slipped into a food coma from all the deliciousness.



Two PRs in one day!!

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I was feeling a weird tightness/pain in my Achilles tendon so I decided to do an easy 40 minutes on the stationary bike while catching up on Runner’s World.

I also threw in some strength training with the free weights for good measure. This is the view I got to enjoy during my workout.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching The Avengers. It was the first time I had seen it since we watched it in the theater and the second time did not disappoint. I just love Joss Whedon!

After Chris got home from work we went shopping to find him some barefoot shoes to wear during his Spartan Race on Saturday. There wasn’t as great of a selection as we would have liked but he ended up getting these:

I hope they don’t get destroyed the first time he wears them. Then we got home and watched Big Bang Theory, I’ve only recently gotten into this show but it is so funny! Why didn’t I discover it sooner?

When I woke up on Friday my Achilles tendon was still bothering me a bit so I stretched and foam rolled in preparation for the 5k I planned on running at noon. The run/walk was an AIDS awareness free event sponsored by the Keesler Air Force Base gym.

I just wanted¬† to run it for fun and see how I did. I started out pretty fast and started fading a bit in the second mile. It was an out and back course, so when we turned around I saw how far ahead I was of all the other women and I think that caused me to slow down a bit because I felt like I didn’t have any competition pushing me to go faster. But, I ended up finishing in 25:09, a new PR for me!!

I was the first female to cross the finish line so the second place female finisher (she was so cute and speedy) and I were recognized after the race.

I also won two $10 gift cards that are good at FSS facilities, which include places like the bowling alley, outdoor recreation, and arts and crafts on base.

I headed back to the condo, showered, ate lunch, and did some more foam rolling to prepare for the¬† Thumbs Up For Bill 5k that night. After Chris got home, we got dressed and headed out to the Run-N-Tri store to look around a bit before the 5k started. They were giving away some old race shirts they had left over, so I grabbed a couple. Though I didn’t run in those races, Chris did, so I will just say he earned the shirt for both of us (it will just be like I’m borrowing his shirt without him getting mad at me for wearing his actual shirt).

The run/walk started at 6:30 and everyone was glowing with our glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. The race shirts turned out pretty nice.

They even put our names on the back for preregistering for the run, not sure if you can spot them, but both of our names are on there.

Chris decided to try and pace me to get another PR because he wanted to take it easier before his race on Saturday. During the second mile my legs were like lead and I felt like I had hit the wall, but Chris kept pushing me and I tried my best to keep up with him. He was trying really hard to get me to finish in under 25 minutes but my legs just weren’t having it. Sometime during the 3rd mile I started falling back and told him just to go on but he said no and he kept pushing me to catch up and stay with him. I tried my best to sprint to the finish and managed to cross the line at 25:08, a new PR one second faster than that afternoon! Then I proceeded to stuff my face with Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

I’m noticing that my Garmin is not very accurate. It has been shorting me on the 5ks I’ve been running. Last night I ran right next to Chris the whole race, his Garmin said 3.18, the guy that finished right in front of us said his was 3.16, and mine said 3.07? How could we be that far off running right next to each other? We are thinking about doing a reset on my Garmin, anyone know of anything else we might try?

*I wanted to get this post up earlier today, but we had a very long day at the Spartan Race, which I will try to recap tomorrow after my 10 mile run. I took 460 pictures so I have to sort through them because I don’t think you want to see all of them.

I know I’m weird, but it tastes so good!

Be prepared for a bunch of randomness!

Getting out of bed and getting my sweat on is feeling so good! Day 2 of getting moving and testing out my foot involved going to the gym and jumping right back in to my half marathon training. 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill (though a little slower than I have been) followed by an hour on the bike. By the way, I recommend not reading touching magazine articles in public if you are a big cry baby like me. I read this great article in Runners World at the gym, and thank goodness I was already sweating up a storm so no one could see the water coming from my eyes. I’m such a sap, but it really gets to me when I see how much running can change people’s lives for the better!
I had a very productive day yesterday, including spending 2 hours on Skype with my parents and brother. I finally got all my bags unpacked and my laundry done…it only took 5 days! I have been pretty lazy with my food the last couple of days and this has lead me to be a bit inventive. I am amazed at some of the food combinations I come up with and how awesome they taste. Dinner last night included grapes and cottage cheese (this will become an obsession) and a cheese, greek yogurt, and salsa wrap (I know, I’m a little weird)

  I have been experimenting with raw spinach salads and have found a few combinations that seem very odd but are really good. Today was no different: spinach, shredded cheese, avocado, greek yogurt, and salt & pepper. My other favorite is spinach, shredded cheese, hard boiled egg, avocado, and cottage cheese. I think I am just obsessed with the taste of cheese, spinach, and avocado together. Hmm, now that I am talking about it, I think I may have a grilled cheese sandwich with spinach and avocado later. Really, try it, it takes grilled cheese to a completely different level!

On another note, I went to the eye doctor this morning for my annual exam and they took my blood pressure, the doctor asked me what I am doing to have such an outstanding BP and I said exercise. It is amazing the health results you can get from exercise and running!  That and not having anything to stress out about anymore (nursing school, I am looking at you!).

In other news, Daisy is starting to hang out with me again. I think she has finally forgiven me for the trip to my parents house…just wait until she has to go back again next week mwhahaha.

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