We’re going streaking!

Last night I really wanted a peanut butter sandwich made from my new giant jar of Jif natural crunchy. I spent about 5 minutes with my head stuck in the freezer trying to decide what vegetable to eat with my sandwich. Nothing I had seemed to go very well with peanut butter. I finally decided on okra. I knew I didn’t want it boiled because it would be to slimy and I didn’t want it fried because that’s not healthy (though oh so good!).

I looked in the cabinet and found a box of panko breading and decided to have baked okra. First I put the frozen okra in a bowl and ran water over it to defrost and wet it so it would stick to the breading. I added a half serving of the panko breading (only added 55 calories to the dish) along with some seasoning and pepper.

I shook that around in the bowl and then put it in a pie tin that I sprayed with Pam. Popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and then broiled it for another 3 minutes.

While it was broiling I made my peanut butter sandwich and I was so eager to eat that tasty goodness I forgot to get a picture of the best part of the jar. When you crack open one of these bad boys there are tons of peanut chunks at the very top, Chris and me often fight over who gets this part.

And the finished product, not really a cohesive meal, but it hit my cravings, so I was happy.

I told Daisy I was going to leave her for a couple of days so I guess she got sad and decided to cuddle with me last night. It is so hard to go to sleep with a 12.5 pound cat laying in your stomach but I allowed it because she doesn’t cuddle with me very often. Apparently sleeping on me didn’t give her enough shut eye.

This morning I spent some quality time with the bike, stair climber, and treadmill. Then after I got home I went for a 1 mile run outside.

Why only 1 mile?

Reason #1 I have decided to do the Runner’s World holiday streak challenge where you run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I started a couple of days early to get mentally prepared, so I did an easy 2 miles yesterday and a faster (8:20) mile today.

Reason #2 I’m planning on running in a 10k fun run tomorrow morning so I can burn calories that I will eat back later in desserts.

Here is the link to the streak challenge if you are interested in participating.

Runner’s World Holiday Streak

After my run tomorrow, I will be headed to the boonies to spend the weekend with my parents and cousins. I most likely will not have internet, so if you don’t hear from me that is probably why, that or I have slipped into a food coma from all the deliciousness.



My first tempo run

On Tuesday morning I made the 4 hour drive home. Every time I make this trip, the colors of the trees get even prettier. Can’t wait to see them the next time I head back down to the coast.

After I got home I spent some quality time with Daisy, since she was stuck to me like glue for the rest of the day. I also caught up on some shows on the DVR. I watched Modern Family again because it is that funny and I always miss a few things the first time around.

I set my alarm to get up at 6:45am this morning so I could get in a couple of hours at the gym before the Commissary opened at 10:00. Daisy woke me up at 6:00 for food, so I fed her, turned off my alarm, and went back to sleep. Some days you just know that early morning gym session is not going to happen. I woke up at 8:30, ate breakfast, showered, and headed out to get some much needed groceries.

I ate lunch around noon and after letting that digest for a couple of hours I hit the road to try out my first ever tempo run. I did this one from active.com:

My half marathon pace is about a 9 min/mile so I planned on running 4 miles at that pace with a 1 mile warmup and cool down. When I started running my first mile, I felt like I was taking it slow, I even started talking to myself so I could judge my exertion based on the talk test.  Imagine my surprise when I hit mile one at 9:10, FAIL, I started out way too fast.

Once I started on my second mile, the wind was blowing against me and this made me run faster so I could reach the trees where the wind would stop hindering me. Mile 2 was an 8:27 pace, still running too fast, so I made a conscious effort to slow down. During my 3rd mile I started getting a strange pain in my upper calf and had to slow down even more. When I was getting close to hitting 3 miles I noticed that my pace was a 9:20 so I picked it up in hopes of getting my 9:00 minute pace (9:03). I pushed too hard and had to stop and walk for .20, but I was able to start running again and mile 4 was an 11:30 pace. By this point I figured my tempo run was shot so I just wanted to finish without walking again. I finished mile 5 at 9:07, finally a successful mile! My cool down mile was a 10:14, a lot better than my warmup mile.

Even though this tempo run wasn’t very successful, I did learn a lot from it.

#1. I might have been too ambitious for my first tempo run, I should have started with 2 miles instead of 4.

#2. My stomach needs longer than 2 hours to digest before a run.

#3. I need to learn to use my first mile as a warm up and not part of the tempo run, slow down!

I tried out my new Reebok compression socks on this run and I’m still undecided about them. My shins hurt during the first mile, which doesn’t usually happen. Then I had that weird pain in my upper calf about halfway through my run. Once that subsided, my legs felt great and when I got back from the run I didn’t have any soreness. I kept them on for after my run and my legs still felt great, but after I took them off and had a shower, I started to feel tightness in my calf muscles. I’m going to try them out again on my long run this weekend and see how I feel after that.

red faced and happy to be done

Have you ever tried a tempo run? How did it go?

Are you a morning, afternoon, or night runner?


Runner’s High Hangover

I’m sure you have heard it before: what goes up, must come down and that is exactly what I have been going through the last few days. I was riding an awesome runner’s high from Saturday’s race and then from my 13.5 mile run on Sunday. Unfortunately, I overdid it with all the running and spent all day Monday on the couch trying to rehab my sore foot.

Tuesday was spent driving the 4 hours back home, napping, unpacking, then repacking for my trip the following day. Wednesday I got up at 5am and headed out for my 5 hour drive to visit with the parentals for a little while. Still suffering from the inflamed tendon in my foot, I spent the last 2 days sitting around a lot and icing my foot.

This morning I decided to do a very short run to test out the foot to see if I could run the 5k race taking place tomorrow, since I already paid for it. I made it 1.3 miles before my foot started bothering me and walked the .2 miles back to the house, all the while the pain in my foot becoming worse. However, once I got back and took my shoe off the ache almost completely went away. I’m not sure what the means for the race tomorrow. I’m hoping I can run it and not do any more damage to my foot so I will still be able to run my half marathon in October.

On a happier note, I am getting tons of entertainment from watching Daisy bond with my parent’s animals, Samson and Mortimer. Animals are so funny and provide endless amounts of enjoyment!

 This is sweet baby Mortimer, who is highly enjoying hissing, swatting, and chasing Daisy.

Oh and despite my reduction in activity I am happy to report that it has not decreased my desire for the endless amount of sweets throughout my parents house.

This is what is left of the pumpkin bread my Dad and I have devoured over the last 2 days…yummy!

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